The advantages of PE pipe and PE fittings

The advantages of PE pipe and PE fittings:

One kind of good pipe not only have the advantage of economic price,but also have the advantages in properties incude the interface is stable and reliable,high impact resistant,cracking resistance,long service life,corrosion resistance and the other good chracteristics.

Compare with the other traditional pipes,HDPE pipe have the following advantages:

1.Surface connection of HDPE pipe is realible:The connection way of HDPE pipes adopt the electrical hot melt methord,so the surface between the pipe is stronger than the pipe ontology.

2.Low temperature resistance and high impact resistance.

 HDPE pipe can be used in minus 60 degree celsius to 60 degree celsius.When we use them in winter,it can not be cracked due to its high impact resistance.

3.Good ability to resist stress cracking.

4.Good corrosion resistance.

HDPE pipe can be resist many kinds of Chemical medium,the corrosion medium existed in soil can not effect the pipeline.

5.Long service life.

HDPE pipe will not damaged by ultraviolet radiation due to conductex is existed in pipeline.



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