The Development Prospect of HDPE Plastic Pipe

The Development Prospect of HDPE Plastic Pipe

Plastic pipe have the good performance,safe and reliable,installation convient,mature technology,corrosion resistance and long service life and the other

characteristics.It can be widely used for water supply and water drainage indoor and outdoor,building water supply and drainage ,gas pipe,sewage drainage and the other aspects. Especially HDPE pipe,It has the advantages such as high temperature resistance, long service life,high mechanical strength ,environmental stress cracking resistance,good ability of creep resistant,flexible and the other advantages.Its technical indexes can meet the requirement of international standard and national standard,compare with the steel pipe, the cost will be decrease 12 percent,service life can be reached 50 years and the maintence cost is very low.

The HDPE pipe demand market is increasing due to the more and more construction project is increasing,in future,HDPE pipe will replace the steel pipe and the metal pipe and cement pipe,according to statistics collection,in the all application of HDPE pipe,gas transportation is the most popular among all theapplication of HDPE pipes,and it just occupy the small  proportion in water supply and water drainage in construction field,compare with the traditional pipes,the price and maintence cost of HDPE pipe is more cheaper,We believe that HDPE pipe demand is increasing in the market due to its superior peformance.



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