Nov.6-8 - "Flying Mood, Visiting Huangshan"

Xu Xiake once said: "The return of the Five Sacred Mountains does not look at the mountains, and the return of Huangshan does not look at the mountains." In order to promote the communication between the staff of the company's departments and further enhance the cohesion of the team, Jiangsu Haiwei Plastic Technology organized the "Flying mood and visiting Huangshan" activity.



In the early morning of November 6, the company members boarded the bus bound for Anhui with excitement. After a few hours' drive, everyone entered She County, Anhui. After a short rest, they visited "Pedestrian Mirror, Bird Crossing Screen". , The unique Huizhou culture, the three-dimensional ecological pattern, the wonderful combination of white walls and black tiles, the national 4A-level scenic area-Xin'an River Landscape Gallery. Take a boat ride to appreciate the unique scenery on both sides of the strait, visit Huizhou ancient residences, Shili Hongzhuang Museum, the world's first sedan chair, watch a thousand-year-old ancient camphor, sing local operas, fishing villages to sun in autumn, and enjoy the unique local Xin'an riverside fishing village sun in autumn along the way .







On the morning of the 7th, everyone prepared to climb Huangshan with full energy. The dual heritage of world culture and nature, a national 5A-level tourist attraction, has 72 peaks. The main peak, Lianhua Peak, is 1864 meters above sea level. Together with Guangmingding and Tiandu Peak, it is called the three main peaks of Huangshan and is one of 36 peaks. It is the only mountain scenery in China's top ten scenic spots. The mountain peaks along the way are beautiful and wonderful, and the natural landscape formed by the strange pine forests sometimes comes into view, and everyone took pictures. On the west side of the peak, there are dense and towering pine trees growing along the slope, vigorous and colorful. I saw the national treasures welcome pine, accompany pine, see off pine, overlook Tiandu Peak and Lianhua Peak, and watch squirrels overlook Tiandu and other landscapes.



On the 8th, everyone went to Yi County, Anhui Province to visit the autumn scenery of Tachuan. Tachuan Village is built on the hillside, and the ancient houses with raised cornices are layered on top of each other. From a distance, it looks like a pagoda standing in the valley, and a clear stream flows through the village. And visited the World Cultural Heritage Hongcun. Hongcun was built in Hongcun during the Shaoxi period of Nanning (AD 1131), and has been more than 800 years old. It is backed by the Yangzhan Mountains and Leigang Mountains, the remaining veins of Huangshan Mountain. The terrain is relatively high, and the clouds are often steamed with clouds. Sometimes it is like splashing ink and color, sometimes like freehand brushwork. It is just like a long scroll of mountains and rivers. It integrates natural and cultural landscapes. It is known as " The countryside in Chinese paintings. In the afternoon, everyone returned to the company by car smoothly. So far, the wonderful and unforgettable outdoor team building activities have ended successfully.





The three-day Huangshan trip to get close to nature, feel the green mountains and green waters, and let the soul fly. Everyone is full of exhaustion, but we have gained a lot. We have a deep understanding of the fun and the strength of the Jiangsu Haiwei team. In the future work, we will be better together, working hard for ourselves and the company.



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